National Geographic Awesome Pictures

This is a contest that attracts thousands of photographers. Its a yearly event and these were some of my favorites.


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75 responses to “National Geographic Awesome Pictures

  1. Arjen

    Hi, those NG-photos are great. Cool you publish some on your website and great you were at the frontpage of AJ.

  2. adiblogger

    thanks for sharing
    I cant get enough of such pictures!

  3. Matt

    Wow. These are some sick pictures! 😛

  4. great link, very unusual. thanks

  5. Hitchcock would love that first photo…!
    And the last one – legendary.
    Very interesting post!

  6. WordCrafter

    Wow! These are amazing. Did you take any of these, or did you just like them?

  7. Oh wow, where is Alfred Hitchcock with those seagulls swooping in???? 😀

    Incredible shots, all of them.

  8. Steven Harris

    Wow is right.

  9. Bardhyli

    The photo with the elephant is very wonderful!

  10. ctortolano

    These are amazing!

    I want the one of the guy in the woods on my wall!

  11. Wow! Really amazing shots! Kudos to the ace photographers out there who captured these…

    Check out my photo-blog:

  12. wow~ It is really really Awesome !

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  14. I can’t imagine how huge their cameras are. Great payout though.

  15. ravindra

    wonderful photographs.

  16. Tasha

    I love the pictures!!!!! AMAZING 🙂

    checkout my blog if you fancy:

  17. goldfish in a bowl

    I love the one of the man standing on top of the elephant. It’s amazong how the photographer was able to take a picture of an underwater enviroment and also the scene above.

  18. Marcel Silvius

    Truly mindblowing. Usually I’m pretty wordy, but these pictures speak for themselves.

  19. Breathtaking! Pics like these make me happy to be alive! 🙂

  20. Ellie Jordan

    So beautiful! I think I have to go with the second one as my favorite, but they’re all wonderful. I love nature-y photography!

  21. Liv

    Love the one in the forest!!

  22. wow! are those seagulls real?

  23. The last photo took my breath away!

  24. I just think about the patience and to be in the right place at the right time attitude of these photographers.
    Hat’s of to them.

  25. Seriously, it is great !

  26. softballgirl78

    Wow those are so cool. Thank you for sharing!

  27. rizkiannur

    that’s cool!!

  28. makubex956

    soo cool men! gotta find out where those pictures were get, can you comment back the URL?

  29. Simply amazing. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos

  30. Amazing. Astounding. Love the picture and love Nat geo. Hope to go on their expedition some day. Thank you for sharing!

  31. dani

    The photos are marvelous,its amazing what a single camera can accomplish!!

  32. Wow! How about that guy standing on the elephant tusks???? How freaking cool is he?

  33. it’s really beautiful …

  34. vermilionx

    Awesome pictures.

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  36. Schalker

    I love these pictures. They are awesome!

  37. wow!!! thanks for sharing!

  38. Things like this make me love the world!

  39. These photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing :o)

  40. kepinghidup

    wow… awesome pictures!

  41. awesome.. great picture..

  42. Sarah Andrews

    These are fantastic. They inspire me to get out and shoot! Thanks for posting.


  43. Suppa Duppa Picture, great post!

  44. wow… amazing pics
    i love the 1st one, looks like cartoon… but its real… cool

  45. and some photohop in them? thanks 4 posting ~

  46. wow. What camera did you use? nice shots.

  47. Tia

    Those pictures are the BOMB!!! Where did u find them? Or did u take them?

  48. Wow! Great job! Love the pictures, they are totally awesome! Of course I like the one with the Whale! See that’s what makes us unique, everyone likes something different. We are unique just like your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  49. sharaya

    awesome…….thanks for sharing….so cool…

  50. doa

    Fantastic pictures. ^^

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