Underwater Photography

I was always fascinated with underwater photography, simply because it take so much more effort to catch that great shot since there are so many elements you need to deal with as a photographer.


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  1. A Girl

    Hi, I am a collage artist & would like to know if I could use one of your underwater photos, 3rd one down on this page. The forefront image is of my logo which is a mythical girl, part celestial part mermaid, it’s very pretty & would blend nicely with your photo. I would be sure to give you photo credits when ever your image appeared. Please let me know if this would be ok, I am just launching my work & have not made any $ yet, but I am planning on it believe me. Right now it is the other way around, i am investing all I can in launching. When I have $ to pay/ share, I will be happy to do that, I know all too well what it is like to be an artist. I do believe we can make $ by being creative.
    A Girl

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